Brandon Grotesque: Trend or Tenure
Inside: Modern and Elegant yet Retro and Functional
 Naturally, I searched for a familiar rock that I could cling to. It came in the form of Market Deco, a capable geometric sans from some dingy, back-alley font shack, but not before crossing paths with Brandon. The introduction was fleeting: a quick handshake, and an exchange of pleasantries before realizing that his services dipped into much deeper pockets than I had to offer. Still, he made an impression. Soon after, much in the same way you see your ex’s golden Pontiac Sunfire around every street corner, Brandon began popping up in daily conversation. Slowly at first, with a quick word here and a small mention there, but by the beginning of 2015 I was seeing him on the web and brochures, even on the front label of an Irish cider of which I was quite fond. It seemed that Brandon had become something of a celebrity in a short period of time, and unlike that Sunfire, he kept company with people of virtue. So I seized the opportunity to do business with Brandon, and it is with his help that I am writing this account, and the following summary of his budding life.
Hello, My Name is:
 His tapered ears and spurs are reminiscent of a humanist’s welcoming legibility, and though he shares glimpses of that friendly demeanor, his overall letterform lacks the associated calligraphic flourish. Instead, he shares the fixed-width shapely frame of a geometric sans, portraying a certain sternness that might vibe as excessively hard-nosed for those who are too intimidated to explore his personable side. The shyness he may receive from others is understandable; for most, finding a font is as simple as choosing the appropriate weight of Helvetica or Myriad Pro. Yet, Brandon is far from frightening. Dressed in the exceptionally ordinary attire associated with the neo-grotesque period, Brandon exhibits an ironically unpretentious, “normcore” fashion sense instead of modern contemptuousity. To the design-conscious individual, Brandon appears to have struck an harmonious chord somewhere between familiarity and fortitude, a ruggedly handsome type characterized by his heavy stance, broad shoulders, and low center of gravity. 
Approachably Retro.
Trend or Tenure.
F I N .
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