Daughter Squad

Vause Squad



For each character, choose whether they will be alive or dead at the finale of season 8. Every correct answer is worth 2 points.

Bonus Points:

If you choose “Dead”, you can optionally gamble 1 point on whether or not they will become a white walker. These points will be added for a correct answer, but deducted if the answer is wrong.


Any character who makes no appearance or reference will be considered alive. Any character that is killed and resurrected (e.g. Jon Snow) will be considered alive. Any character implied as dead but whose death is not explicitly shown (e.g. Stannis Baratheon) will be considered dead. Becoming a white walker even partially (e.g. Uncle Benjen) will be considered “Dead, becomes White Walker”. The Night King and Viserion are exceptions who must be shown explicitly destroyed to be considered dead.

Answers will be hosted here once the season starts.